Vimicro Corporation

Vimicro International Corporation (Vimicro) is a multimedia semi-conductor and solution provider. The Company designs, develops and markets mixed-signal semiconductor products and system-level solutions that enable multimedia capabilities in a variety of products for the consumer electronics, communications and surveillance markets. It also designs, manufactures and sells security and surveillance products and develop security and surveillance software in China. Vimicro provides the customers with system-level solutions that include integrated semiconductors, customizable firmware and software, software development tools, reference designs and applications support. The Company has designed its solutions to support a range of standards, baseband platforms and components in order to facilitate its customer’s designs, assembly and supply chain management processes.


VIMICRO was the first NASDAQ listed Chinese semiconductor company and was cofounded by its founder and Infotech.



GRG Banking Equipment Co., Ltd. is a China-based company primarily engaged in the research, development, manufacture, sale and service of currency automatic processing equipment and related system software, as well as the operation of related equipment. The Company’s main products include automatic teller machines (ATMs), automatic fare collection (AFC) systems and money sorters. The Company also involves in the ATM operation business, and provision of equipment maintenance services and equipment accessories. The Company distributes its products in domestic and to overseas markets.

Infotech invested in GRG Banking Equipment Co., Ltd. since 2004

Tianshui Huatian Technology Co., Ltd

TIANSHUI HUATIAN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a China-based company primarily engaged in packaging and testing of integrated circuit (IC) products. The Company's IC packaging and testing products consist of dual in-line package (DIP) series, small out-line package (SOP) series, shrink small out-line package (SSOP) series, quad flat package (QFP) series and small out-line transistor (SOT) series products, among others. The Company distributes its products within domestic market and to overseas markets. Through one of its subsidiaries, the Company also involves in foreign investment, import and export trade, import and export of goods and technology import business.

Infotech invested in Tianshui Huatian Technology Company since 2007

Iflytek Co., Ltd Stock code: 002230

IFLYTEK CO.,LTD. is a China-based company principally engaged in the software and information technology (IT) service businesses. The Company's products and services consist of voice support software; industrial application products and systems, including telecommunications voice value added products, IFLYTEK-C3, audio and video monitoring products, and voice digital products, as well as information technology and maintenance services. The Company mainly provides its solution services for telecommunication, bank, electricity, social security, agriculture, securities, insurance, post and other industries. In addition, it involves in the provision of education products, systems and software.

Infotech invested in IFLYTEK since 2005

Beijing Beilu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Beijing Beilu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is principally engaged in the production and distribution of pharmaceuticals. The Company’s products consist of contract medium products, including Iodixanol injection, ferric ammonium citrate effervescent granules, iohexol injection, gadopentetate dimeglumine injection; antidiabetic products, including repaglinide tablets and glimepiride tablets, and anti-anxiety products, including Jiuwei Zhenxin granules, among others. The Company also engages in the distribution of medicine products. The Company mainly distributes its products in domestic market.

Infotech invested in Beijing Beilu Pharmaceutical Company sine 2008


格林美拥有电子废弃物、废旧电池等废弃资源循环利用的关键技术,及经验丰富的管理团队,于2007年受到盈富泰克的关注和投资 。

iSoftStone Information Service Corporation.

iSoftStone Holdings Limited (iSoftStone Holdings), is an information technology (IT) services provider. The Company’s integrated suite of IT services and solutions, including Consulting & Solutions, IT Services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), supports large corporations in China, North America, Europe and Japan. In Consulting and Solutions engagements, its consultants work closely with clients to identify their business needs and formulate solutions by leveraging multiple components of its IT Services and BPO offerings. The Company’s IT Services offerings help clients maintain their legacy IT systems and develop and implement new applications. In BPO, it takes ownership of managing clients’ non-core business processes, which typically are time and resource intensive. In August 2014, Isoftstone Holdings Ltd completed its merger with New iSoftStone Acquisition Limited, wholly-owned subsidiary of New iSoftStone Holdings Limited.

Infotech invested in iSoftStone since 2005

Ingenic Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

Ingenic Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is principally engaged in the research and distribution of 32 digit embedded central processing unit (CPU) chips and related software platforms. The Company primarily provides CPU chip products, software platforms and integrated solutions. The Company's products are mainly applied in portable consumer electronics, portable education electronics and mobile Internet terminal devices, among others. The Company mainly operates its businesses in domestic markets.

Infotech invested in Ingenic since 2004

Beijing Tongtech Co., Ltd.

Beijing Tongtech Co., Ltd. is engaged in the research, development and distribution of middleware products, and provision of related technology services. The Company primarily provides application server TongWeb, message intermediate TongLINK/Q, transaction intermediate TongEASY, application integrated intermediate TongIntegrator, general document transfer platform TongGTP and others. The Company also offers development support and product after-sale services. Its products are applied in governments, transportation, finance, telecommunication and other industries.

Infotech invested in Beijing Tongtech Co., Ltd. Since 2003

Guangxi Bossco Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Bossco Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a provider of wastewater treatment technology and solution. Its major businesses have water pollution end-of-pipe treatment, including equipment system integration and construction works, as well as water pollution front-end control service and professional skill service. The Company mainly operates its businesses in pulp and paper making, sugar refining, starch, alcohol and heavy metal pollution treatment.

Infotech invested in Guangzi Bossco Environmental Protection Technology Co., Limited since 2008 and as their first institutional investor.

Beijing Hisign Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Hisign Technology Co., Ltd. integrated biometric identification technology and intelligent monitoring technology and is the pioneer in the developments of finger prints and palm scanning system in China.

Infotech invested in Beijing Hisign Technology Co., Limited in 2004 as its first institutional investor.

Wuhan Leador Spatial Information Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Wuhan Leador Spatial Information Technology Development Co., Ltd. invented the first Chinese mobile mapping and measurement system, and  Participatory Geographic Information Systems (PGIS).  Leador is one of the world’s leading suppliers and service providers for such systems.  As the pioneer in the industry, Leador is also a major contributor to the Chinese standard for mobile mapping.

Infotech invested in Wuhan Leador Spatial Information Technology Development Company since 2005 as its first institutional investor.

GigaDevice Semiconductor (Beijing) Inc.

GigaDevice Semiconductor (Beijing) Inc. develops, manufactures, and sale high-speed, low-power memory units for mobile devices and embedded applications.  As the leader of this space, GigaDevice pride itself with its own intellectual property, and propitiatory technologies originated in the Silicon Valley.

Infotech invested in Gigadevice since 2006 and have participated in multiple rounds thereafter.

M&Y Global Services

M&Y Global Services is a leading Chinese provider of professional financial services outsourcing.  With a national wide service delivery network, M&Y focuses to deliver the best business process outsourcing services to China’s financial sector by enabling them to optimize their internal resources, customer experience, operation efficiency, thus enabling them to innovate and focus on their core competitiveness.  M&Y Global Services is recognized as a top 100 global outsourcing service provider and top 10 domestic outsourcing service provider in the market.

Infotech invested in M&Y Global Services since 2012.

Guangzhou Hexin Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Hexin Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. manufactures and sale mass spectrometer.  It is developed its core technology, intellectual property, and propitiatory manufacturing process.  Mass spectrometers has vast applications in environment monitoring, meteorology, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, etc.  The company has received numerous support from Chinese National Torch Program and China’s Global Experts Program (千人计划)

Infotech invested in Guangzhou Hexin Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. since 2012. 

Shanghai Simgui Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Simgui Technology Co., Ltd. is a producer of high-end silicon-based materials and China’s leading epitaxial silicon wafer supplier.  SIMGUI is also China’s only SOI material production base, and a selected few SOI large-scale material suppliers in the world. 

Infotech invested in Shanghai Simgui Technology since 2001.

Tianjin B&M Science and Technology Joint-Stock Co., Ltd.

Tianjin B&M Science and Technology Joint-Stock Co., Ltd. is the leading and one of the largest producer of lithium battery anode materials in China.  The company has received many patents for its invention and innovation.  B&M’s material can be found in many electronics around the world.

Infotech invested in Tianjin B&M since 2002 and is a co-founder of the company.