Electronic Information Industry Fund (EIIF) 

Infotech manages the Ministry of Information Industry ‘s Electronic Information Industry Fund (EIIF).  EIIF primarily focuses on investing in early and growth stage electronic information technology companies (semiconductors, software, advance material, communication, and systems and services).  We invest in teams with distinguish technologies that have large potential market in China.  Combining Infotech’s unique value proposition, we help out portfolio to excel in their markets. 

We have made 31 investments with RMB 360M with 15 exits through IPO / M&A.


National research and development funds –

venture investment pilot program

Infotech began to manage the national research and development fund – venture investment pilot program sponsored by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) in 2007.  Infotech is one of the two appointed managers for this program.  The program primarily invests in send and early stage projects in emerging industries that are strategic to national development including information industry, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, new energy, environmental technology, new materials, advanced manufacturing, modern services, and others. 

The program has invested 16 projects with RMB 320 million with 2 IPO exits.


State venture capital investment guidance fund

The state venture capital investment guidance fund is sponsored by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the Ministry of Finance (MoF).  The state venture capital guidance fund is a fund-of-funds that, along with China's provinces and cities, anchors venture capital funds that make early stage and early growth stage investments in innovative companies.

Infotech is privileged to be one of the two mangers of the State venture capital guidance fund.  We have successfully invested in over 100 venture investment funds and leveraged over RMB 20 billion from local governments and investors.