GigaDevice is a fabless company in memory industry. Gigadevice provides various densities of high functionality Serial Flash Memory which are widely used in handheld mobile devices, consumer electronics, networking, telecommunications equipment, medical equipment, office equipment, automotive electronics and industrial control devices. it also provides all kinds of value-added specialty memory solutions, highly configurable, all kinds of density and low power dySRAMTM IPs.

SG Micro.

SG Micro specializes in high performance and high quality analog and mix-signal IC design with a clear leading position in research, manufacturing and marketing. SG Micro’s products have been widely used in Mobile Devices, Television, Set-top Boxes, Digital Camera, Notebook Computer, Automobile Electronics, Industrial Automation, Medical Device and LCD Display, etc.


Genapsys is a pre-commercial stage medical devices company focusing on developing next generation, easy-to-use chip based DNA sequencing technology that combine multiple sample processing steps with sequencing in a single device using Gene Electronic Nano-Integrated Ultra-Sensitive platform.

Senodia Technologies.

Senodia Technologies is the leader in the MEMS based gyroscopes in China. The principle markets for the products include mobile devices, consumer electronics, toys and games, automobile, medical devices, and aerospace


iSoftStone is a leading IT service provider in China. It offers a wide array of services focused on 4 primary sectors: IT consulting, Software development, Technical service, and IT training. In conjunction with its services, iSoftStone too hosts domain expertise in developing applications for Financial, Energy, Government and Telecommunication industries.

Maxscend Technologies.

Maxscend is dedicated to developing and marketing DTV and DTC IC chip solutions. In less than two years, Maxscend has developed three products, all in production, and applied more than 30 patents. Today Maxscend is a recognized leading DMB/DAB/DAB+ solution provider as well as major supplier of demodulator IC for Chinese digital terrestrial television standard (DTMB).


RayVio is the technology leader of Solid-State Ultraviolet (SSUV) LED solutions.

RayVio’s patent protected UV LED technology and materials, originally developed at Boston University by co-founders Dr. Yitao Liao and Dr. Theodore Moustakas, are highly differentiated, delivering performance at price points which are enabling the mass adoption of UV LED solutions in the industrial, commercial and consumer sectors.

RayVio’s novel UV LED technology will make possible the highest performance, most cost effective solutions for UV disinfection markets of both water and air, for UV medical treatment devices to treat ailments ranging from vitamin D deficiency to Multiple Sclerosis.


Vobile offers a cloud based SaaS platform powered by their patented VDNA automatic content recognition technology (video, audio, image) that can be deployed across multi-platform devices (smartphone, tablet, PC, SmartTV). They have been rated “Best in Industry” by MovieLabs, Frost & Sullivan, and others. Vobile’s solutions are focused on content protection (video identification and tracking technologies), measurement (total audience measurement and sentiment analytics for video), and monetization (revenue optimization platform for video). Their technology has become a defacto standard to Hollywood for online rights management and analytics especially for UGC, P2P, cyberlockers, and streaming sites. They are also enabling new monetization models for UGC content, gamification of TV shows via browser based second screen applications, cloud based TV search and recommendation applications, and many others. Vobile is based in Santa Clara (Silicon Valley) and Hangzhou (China), with additional offices in Japan and Singapore.

V Key.

V-Key is aims to be a leading innovator of mobile security technologies. V-Key products are built on industry standards and are engineered to work together or independently within existing customer information technology, including private and public cloud computing, environments or existing internet channels including social media and online applications. V-Key offers secure, reliable, and scalable integrated mobile software on various mobile platforms that are designed to improve security and business efficiencies at a lower total cost of ownership.
V-Key simplifies and unifies our transforming digital world via leading mobile security innovation. Unleashing the freedom of digital transaction travel, shop, bank, entertain, work and communicate in ways that are convenient, secure and enjoyable is what people want and expect. V-Key unifies trust via your mobile.

Kunshan Q Technology Limited.

Kunshan Q Technology Limited (QTech) is a leading 3D packaging company in China. Q Tech specializes in using TSV (through Silicon Via) technology for building 3D package resulting in smaller footprint, lower cost and higher performance. The company is also one of the first in China to develop Wafer Level Optics (WLO) and Wafer Level Camera (WLC).


Amprius is a leading lithium battery materials and battery developer. Its breakthrough technology was initially developed at Professor Yi Cui’s laboratory at Stanford University. Amprius’ silicon nanowire technology enables a 10x improvement in anode capacity vs. current state-of-the-art carbon anodes, and increases battery cell capacity by 40% and beyond. Amprius develops LIthium battery anode materials made of silicon nanowires, which theoretically stores 10 times more charge than graphite anodes used in typical lithium batteries which can reduce batteries size and increases its energy density.


Ampnova is a dedicated service provider to offer transportation support for the logistics and delivery industry, focusing on B2B electric bicycle and electric car rental service, and on time repair service. Providing one-stop services, Ampnova is working with the largest traditional logistics / courier companies in China, and O2O platform services provider such as, and Baidu Waimai to help these enterprises improving delivery efficiency, and reducing operating costs.

Tactus Technology, Inc..

Tactus is a US company founded in 2008. Tactus provides the next generation HCI (human-computer interface) with its unique microfluidic technology that enables a transparent physical buttons that arise from touch-screen surface on demand.

Simgui Technology.

Simgui is a leader in silicon based semiconductor materials. Rooted from Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology (SIMIT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Shanghai Simgui successfully develops and markets its high quality EPI Wafer and SOI Wafer material worldwide.


About MyHero
Founded in 2012, MyHero is the parent company of TradeHero, a global social investment network, as well as other Hero products centered around information brokerage and data sharing. With offices in Singapore and China, My Hero aims to empower the man on the street with crowdsourced, real-time market intelligence across any industry.

Brite Semiconductor.

Brite Semiconductor founded in 2008 in Shanghai, is one of the fastest growing SoC and ASIC design companies in the world. Focusing on the customers’ needs, Brite’s comprehensive customer support supplements turnkey (specification to-parts) projects, third party manufacturing service, product OEM solutions, and all other design service solutions. Brite’s unique technology lowers unit costs and maximizes yields for advanced 40/45 nm designs.

Giantec Semiconductor.

Giantec Semiconductor Inc. is a fabless company spun off from ISSI (Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc.). It is one of the largest EEPROM chips suppliers in the world and largest in China and maintaining significant edges in term of cost and close proximity with its customers. The Company is also one of few qualified/certified MCU/Smart Card chips producers in China. The Company has a wide and established customer base such as Apple, Samsung, Panasonic, VTech, Canon, Haier, Changhong, Galanz, etc.


K-Vision builds a D1 DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for the Chinese Surveillance industry using Stretch S7 CPU. K-Vision is providing the best price/performance D1 DVR primarily aimed at the rapidly developing China security market.


Halsign, Inc is the world’s leading cloud-computing and virtualization service provider, located in Zhongguancun Hi-Tech Park at Beijing. The company is focuses on the research and development of server virtualization software and other cloud-computing related softwares, and provides professional service on virtualization technology.
Their core product, vGate, which is a server virtualization software, developed by the Company. vGate and Halsign’s service is aims to provided total solution that includes virtualization software and a set of related tools. With an elite team of engineers and experts, Halsign provides efficient project management and reliable after-sales service. Through independent innovation, Halsign has the capability to provide environmental friendly IT services while keeping the server under high performance to meet with the nation’s requirement on energy saving and emission reduction., bank, entertain, work and communicate in ways that are convenient, secure and enjoyable is what people want and expect.


GrandMetals is a high technology orientated cemented carbide producer. Under the CarbuMat brand name, GrandMetals is one of the top three producers of Tungsten Carbide ( symbol is WC ) Printed Circuit Board (PCB) drill rods in China. With a market worth over $1bn in China and with China being able to meet only 20% of its domestic demand, 80% is reliant on imports. The opportunity is for GrandMetals to replace the imports with the same high standards expected of imports.

China Vagon Cartronics.

China Vagon provides electronic control unit (ECU) products for the Chinese Auto Industry. The company has developed the automobile engine electronic management system with its own proprietary intellectual property. China Vagon is poised to become the leader in Auto Electronics Solutions for engine management as well as emission discharge.

DAC Semiconductor Inc..

DAC Semiconductor Inc. is founded by a group of experienced technologists in the PA (Power Amplifier) area. DAC Semiconductor is well positioned to develop and market next generation PA devices based of GSM and future wireless protocols.

Solorein Technology Inc.

Solorein Technology Inc. (Sichuan Feiyang Technology) was co-founded by entrepreneurs from China and US in 2004. Solorein is engaged in R&D, large-scale production and sales on fiber optic components and subsystems products based on PLC (Plannar Light-wave Circuits ) technology with its own patents. The products cover both active and passive field including PLC splitters, PLC based VOA, WINC, CWDM, WDM PON, TAP-PD etc.

Diyuan Photoelectricity.(Aqualite).

Aqualite is a company founded by a group of experienced returnees from AXT and Wuhan HighTech Holdings. The Company focuses on research and manufacturing of high-power LED (AIGaInP and GaN) chips for use in applications such as general lighting for commercial buildings, street lights. cars, and backlighting for portable devices.

Tiandi Energy Ltd..

Tiandi Energy Ltd. is providing teams of high quality, experienced professionals to upstream oil and gas (O&G) industry, targeting the western O&G industry with specialized geothenical services and expertise. By drawing on the large pool of highly qualified petroleum proefessionals, Tiandi can enhance O&G companies workforce or outsource their technical processes.

Neptune Design Automation.

Neptune Design Automation was founded in 2011 by a team of leading EDA (Electronic Design Automation) experts, with headquarters located in the heart of Silicon Valley. The company’s goal is to enable complex and challenging digital circuit designs by providing the top-of-the-line FPGA design and implementation tools.

China Managed Services.

CMS provides managed hosted services to small and medium sized enterprises and broadband users in China. Services offered include network and application health, availability and security.